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About Direct White

Choosing to have your teeth whitened professionally is an important decision. When you desire cosmetic teeth whitening to improve your appearance, you want to choose a company such as Direct White that specializes in just teeth whitening and nothing else. At Direct White we have perfected the teeth whitening process and employ skilled technicians who have produced professional whitening trays and gel thousands of times.
About Direct White Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Affiliate Program

The Direct White professional teeth whitening system was developed in 1996 when the founders of Direct White and Brighter Image were concerned about the high cost of cosmetic bleaching. Direct White developed a 3-step process designed to be administered outside the dental office which produced the same professional results at a fraction of the cost.

Over the years we have observed many teeth whitening products come and go. We often receive calls from customers who have previously purchased now obsolete whitening products. Direct White is still here for a reason. Our clients trust Direct White's worldwide lab-direct service to deliver dramatic results at the very best price. That is why we are so particular that the bleaching gel we ship is fresh and that the custom-fitted bleaching trays fit your teeth exactly.We truly believe that if we "over deliver" you’ll be clients for life!

Direct White is confident that you will be satisfied with your decision, love your results and hopefully, send us an e-mail in the future thanking us for your bright, white smile and the savings of hundreds of dollars.