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Professional Whitening System
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What is professional teeth whitening, or tooth bleaching?
It is a bleaching process that includes professional strength bleaching gel and custom fitted bleaching trays manufactured by a dental lab specifically to fit an individual's teeth.

Is it safe to bleach my teeth professionally at home?
Yes. In fact, many dentists consider this whitening process the safest cosmetic procedure available today. It is the same process used in dental offices. Professional tooth whitening has been used effectively on healthy teeth since 1986 with no apparent risks. However, there have been cases of over-bleaching teeth.There have also been some reports that tooth enamel density can be temporarily affected with prolonged bleaching. Teeth bleaching gel is not intended to be in contact with the gums. It is very IMPORTANT that you follow instructions carefully. 35% and 44% bleaching gel is strong. We provide a dispensing tip to prevent the use of too much bleaching gel. Clients should get 9 days of bleaching from the 3 ml size syringe.

Is this an over-the-counter product?
This is a professional system available direct from an actual dental lab, not an over-the-counter product. Dentists also purchase this same system from us. This system produces astounding results. We also provide a starter kit which does not require that impressions be sent back to the lab.

Is it Illegal?
It is not illegal to make your own impressions. By taking your own impressions you have saved yourself hundreds of dollars. You get to keep the dentist's profit!

What is the Professional Tooth Whitening process?

  1. Direct White will ship via priority mail your system to you.
  2. You make your own impressions and put them in the postage paid envelope. It is easy to do!
  3. The lab manufactures for you a custom-fitted hand-trimmed bleaching tray that fits your teeth exactly.
  4. You apply bleaching gel to the trays and start the whitening process.
What is included in the system?
Material to make your own impressions Postage paid return envelope to the lab, Maximum strength 35% and 44% high-intensity bleaching gel, Custom bleaching trays sent to you from the lab. Now you can have a million dollar smile for less than $100!

How long will this process take?
We ship the system to you usually arriving in just 2 or 3 days. You then mail your impressions to the lab via the postage paid envelope. Precision Care Dental Lab specializes in producing only custom bleaching trays. (The lab is closed on weekends.) With the mailing time & weekends included, plan on up to 14 days to receive your trays. Note that during high volume seasons, both mail time and lab processing time will increase.

Is it difficult to make teeth impressions?
Taking an impression is so incredibly easy. Anyone can do it without the assistance of a dental assistant. The most important thing to remember is to not bite down or move the impression tray from side to side. Also-watch the time because the putty will start to harden once mixed together. The system includes and extra set of impression putty to use if needed. Click here for specific impression instructions.

Do you ship outside of the USA?
Yes, we ship most anywhere in the world. Delivery time is usually less than a week. International customers will need to go to the post office to ship your impressions back to the USA with the proper postage.

What kind of system guarantee do you offer?
Direct White Professional Teeth Whitening offers a no questions asked 100% results satisfaction warranty. If you're not completely satisfied with your whitening results using our system, just simply return the custom bleaching trays within 30 days and we'll give you a full product refund (excluding S/H) We want you to be able to trust our service and be completely satisfied with your professional results.

Why are you selling the Professional Teeth Whitening System direct?
We've observed for years as cosmetic dentists charged as much as $300 - $500 dollars for our service. All the dentist would do is have an assistant take the impressions of a patient's teeth. (Same thing you can easily do yourself). The impression is then sent to our lab where we make the custom trays. We do all the work! The dentist makes all the money for really doing very little. By going direct to the client we are providing a service that makes teeth whitening affordable for everyone.

Lab Manufactured Bleaching Trays
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What are custom fitted bleaching trays?
A clear, flexible tray produced by our dental lab that fits comfortably over the teeth and holds the whitening gel in place. Our trays are comfortable to wear. They are manufactured to fit every crevice, nook, spacing, etc. between your teeth. These are the same custom mouthpieces that dentists provide. We manufacture your trays alongside trays we produce for our dentists.

How important are custom bleaching trays?
Very important. Having a tray that fits snuggly on your teeth is essential to assure proper bleaching and consistent results. Custom trays also saves you money: because less gel is used. These trays are so comfortable that you an talk while you wear them.

What is the difference between the boil-n-bite moldable mouthpieces and the custom professional bleaching trays?
The precision lab manufactured bleaching trays are more precise and more comfortable to wear. They help you save on the amount of bleaching gel needed and are better for people whose gums may be sensitive to bleaching gels. Custom mouthpieces are safer for the client to create since there is no boiling water involved in the formation process. They are also more comfortable than the bulky boil-n-bites. We do not recommend using the higher 35% strength gel with boil-n-bite trays.

I have lost my trays. How can I get them replaced?
If you purchased our exclusive replacement warranty, just give us a call or email us and you will receive a new set in a few days free of charge (pluc S/H) Without the replacement warranty, replacements start at $69.

What is your exclusive Replacement Warranty?
This warranty is available to those who purchase a complete professional whitening system. It may be purchased at the time that you return your impressions to the lab. Once purchased, your impressions will be kept at the lab and replacement trays are free.(Limit one free set per year) You only pay for shipping and handling.

Laser Whitening and Power Bleaching
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My dentist provides laser whitening or power bleaching with a light. What is that?
Laser whitening as originally offered by dentists included real laser treatment. However actual lasers are rarely used today because the high heat of the laser caused tooth damage. Instead dentists use a curing light. This procedure involves placing bleaching gel on the teeth, propping the mouth open and using a curing light for an hour or so while in the dentist chair. The advantage to this procedure is that the bleaching effect is immediate, (However it is not permanent, you will still need to do maintenance bleaching.) This procedure is still called laser whitening and is also called power bleaching, or sometimes, surgical whitening. Recent studies have shown that the curing light actually does little to enhance the bleaching. It is actually the high strength of the gel that turns the teeth white.

How does your Professional Teeth Whitening System compare to Laser Whitening/Power Bleaching?
The only disadvantage is time. Our average customer will take 4 days to achieve this same whiteness--because we never recommend using the high 35% strength bleach for longer than 30 min at a time. However, our system has advantages: It is much less expensive, you don't have to take time off work to go to the dentist, and it includes the custom trays that are used for maintenance bleaching. (Those who have their teeth "power bleached" will still need to do maintenance bleaching to keep up the whiteness.)

Over-The-Counter Products
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How does your professional system compare to over-the-counter (OTC) products?
Over the counter products have lower concentrations of active bleaching ingredients. They must be used for considerable amounts of time, and will still not whiten as well as our professional system. Today's popular whitening strips have been frustrating and have become the best advertisement for our Professional Teeth Whitening system.

Which is safer?
Our professional system is safer. Many OTC products contain ingredients that are harmful to teeth, such as abrasives that wear away at the enamel, and acids which etch the teeth. .

Which costs less money?
Our professional system will save you money. Because OTC products must be used for long periods of time, they will actually end up costing you more!

General Teeth Whitening Information
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What causes tooth discoloration?
The most common causes of tooth discoloration include consumption of certain foods, coffee, tea, wine, sodas, smoking, well water, and so forth. Also, teeth tend to darken with age. Whitening generally does a great job of reversing these stains, leaving teeth white and clean. However, consumption of these foods will again start to stain the teeth after whitening. This is where maintenance bleaching comes in-bleaching about one day a month, depending on your habits.

Who may benefit from teeth whitening?
Almost everyone will have noticeable results within 3-4 days. Teeth do vary from person to person and some teeth will take more time to whiten. Tetracycline (antibiotic) stains are the most difficult to whiten and may require up to 6 months of bleaching.

Is teeth whitening permanent?
After the initial curing, you will find that you will need to bleach for one day periodically. Generally, one day a month is all that is needed to keep your smile bright and white. This is referred to as maintenance bleaching. Although teeth bleaching is not considered a permanent whitening procedure, it can effectively become "permanent" through regular maintenance bleaching.

Professional teeth whitening can lighten teeth which have porcelain veneers. Veneers are translucent shells of porcelain which have been bonded onto the front side of a person's teeth. While the tooth bleaching agent will not change the color of the veneer itself it will be able to permeate the tooth from the backside, thus lightening the tooth structure which lies under the veneer. Because veneers are translucent, the net effect can be that the tooth, from the front side, appears whiter.

Crowns, Fillings and Bridges.
The professional bleaching processes will not make a color change in the dental work you have already had done but can remove discoloration from staining. This includes restorations such as: white fillings, bonding, crowns, and bridges. In most cases, a person's teeth should be whitened first and then afterwards their dental work done to match the new shade of their teeth.

Gum recession.
Some persons have gum recession Usually the root surface which becomes visible as gums recede has an appearance which is somewhat darker than the rest of the tooth. This is because root surfaces are not covered by enamel but are instead composed of another naturally darker material called "dentin". The professional teeth whitening method won't effectively lighten dentin. This means that the color of the root portion of the tooth (which shows where the gum recession has occurred) will not change noticeably as a result of your bleaching efforts.

My teeth have been discolored by tetracycline or minocycline. Will bleaching help?
Tetracycline (and some other antibiotics) taken before the age of 8 can discolor the permanent teeth. The success in bleaching depends on the amount of discolorization. Generally the lighter the color, the more success there is of treatment. It was once believed that tetracycline stains did not respond to bleaching. However some recent studies bring great hope, showing that prolonged bleaching (6 months to a year) can yield positive results.

If I am pregnant or nursing, should I use this product?
There is no known hazard associated with whitening teeth while pregnant or nursing. However, we ask that you consult your physician first before using our products if you are pregnant or nursing.

How was tooth whitening discovered? By accident, actually. Dentists used hydrogen peroxide and its cousin, carbamide peroxide to aid gum healing after dental surgery. It was discovered that when these solutions came in contact with the teeth, the teeth became whiter.

#1 Bleaching Gel
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Do you sell your bleaching gel only?
Yes! We sell our #1 rated bleaching gel to existing bleaching clients. We have many customers who already have custom trays and who formally used another brand of bleaching gel.

Why our gel is #1?
Thousands of loyal customers are pleased with this gel. Direct White believes that it is the highest quality bleaching gel on the market. We previously have sold other brands with less customer satisfaction. No wonder so many customers refer their friends to us.

Sticky gel formula.
Our sticky gel formula sticks to the tray and firmly holds it against your teeth to whiten. It is the perfect consistency for whitening.

22% carbamide peroxide pure blended gel.
This gel is a pure-blended concentrate and does not contain extra fillers. It is of the highest quality. Because of this concentration, it is recommended that clients use custom-manufactured whitening trays, and bleach from 1 - 3 hours per day. This gel is 40 percent stronger than 16% gel and is the popular choice among teeth whitening clients today. DirectWhite NO LONGER SELLS 22% due the popularily of the 35% strength.

16% carbamide peroxide.
Once a popular strength, 16% bleaching gel is now rarely ordered by our clients. For this reason, we no longer carry 16% in stock.

35% Strenth carbamide peroxide. Direct White offers bleaching gel in 35% strength. This quick-acting pure bleaching gel is becoming our most popular strength. Customers bleach for only 30 minutes per day to achieve dazzling whiteness. 35% bleaching gel is available for purchase as maintenance gel for those who already have their custom bleaching trays. CAUTION: When using 35% strength, do not get the solution on your gums. Do not bleach more than 30 minutes per day. Use lab-made custom trays only. Do not use with temporary boil-n-bite trays.

Bleaching gel strength and sensitivity.
Clients sometimes mistakenly believe that weaker-strength gel will lesson the chance of tooth sensitivity (which is temporary). However, sensitivity is related to how long the bleaching gel is in contact with the teeth and gums, regardless of the strength. Since 16% bleaching gel must be used longer per day to achieve the same results (and 10% gel even more so), 22% or 35% gel becomes the better choice for sensitivity. In fact, our 35% bleaching gel customers (formally 22% users) report less sensitivity along with the faster whitening. It is no wonder that 35% gel is now our most popular strength. It is now available with our complete whitening system! CAUTION: 35% strength however is a bit much for the gums. Use the smallest amount possible in your custom tray to be sure that excess gel does not get on the gums.

Gel freshness.
Our Bleaching gel is guaranteed fresh. Our lab takes great care in making sure that the gel is purchased fresh, is stored properly, has not aged, and is of the finest quality.

Exclusive dispensing tips.
Each 3 ml syringe includes a dispensing tip which ensures accurate usage and avoids waste - a common problem with many other teeth bleaching products. Only a very small amount of bleaching gel per tooth is used to achieve your desired whiteness. Each 3 ml syringe last for 9 days of bleaching. CAUTION: We are not responsible for overuse of this product.

Gel life.
Precision Care Dental™ teeth bleaching gel has a 2 year life at room temperature and even longer refrigerated. Bleaching gel should not be stored at high temperatures, nor should it be frozen.

We sell the following brands by special phone order:
Achromasia, Rembrandt, Nupro Gold, Perfecta Ultra 6, Perfecta 16%, Opalescence, Nite-White, Day-White.

Choosing the Best Bleaching Gel
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  1. Make sure the company is a dentist or a dental lab that actually does work for dentists.
  2. Make sure the bleaching gel is a pure blended gel with no fillers.
  3. Make sure a restrictive dispensing syringe tip is provided to avoide overuse.
  4. Beware of gels that contain extra ingredients and fillers. This type of gel increases the time needed to bleach, provides additional sources of irritation, and requires larger amounts of gel to be used.
  5. Avoid gel that is not fresh and be sure that you're using gel provided by a certified dental lab.
  6. Select a concentrate gel so that only a small amount will accomplish your goal.
  7. And last but not least, buy the gel from a provider that sells large quantities versus a provider that moves product slowly. (Hint:Most dentists dispense as much gel in a year as we do in a day.)
Bleaching Tips
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Click here for more specific bleaching instructions

Use of the tapered tip. It is important to use the tip to avoid over-usage. The tip is also effective in touching-up specific areas. Syringes with a tapered tip last up to 3 times longer, reducing waste.

Gel Temperature. The gel should be at room temperature when applied to the trays.

Preparation. You will want your teeth to be clean. You may desire to wipe them dry with a cotton ball before wearing the trays. (This may however slightly increase the chance of sensitivity.)

Can I talk while bleaching my teeth? You can carry on normal conversation wearing our trays, although you may sound a little muffled. The trays are thin and clear, and will not be noticed when you wear them.

Can I eat or drink while wearing the trays? You should not eat or drink while wearing the trays, and up to a half hour after taking them out.

How long should I wear the trays each day? The 35% gel is used a maximum of 30 minutes per day. If you experience tooth sensitivity, you may want to bleach for 5-10 minutes a day temporarily. Always error on the side of caution. CAUTION: We are not responsible for over bleaching.

Can I sleep in the trays? Never use 35% strength bleaching gel overnight.

Side Effects
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Tooth Sensitivity. Some people experience temporary tooth or gum sensitivity during treatment, which is relieved upon the discontinuation or completion of treatment. There are no other significant side effects. Solution: Take a break for a day or two, then resume bleaching at 15 min per day, gradually working up the time. Never bleach more than 30 minutes per day using 35% strength gel.

Uneven Bleaching. Some clients will experience a temporary mottling of the teeth, because some areas of the teeth will whiten quicker. This always settles down over time as treatment continues.

About Direct White
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Who is Direct White? Direct White is the largest international distributor for Precision Care Dental™dental whitening products. We provide the same professional tooth whitening systems used by most cosmetic dentists. Thanks to recent technology, we've designed a special process which allows our clients to buy professional teeth whitening services lab direct--the same service that dentists have provided for years. Your order is more likely to be completely processed at Direct White much faster than anywhere else. Direct White offers consistently lower prices, on all orders, and quantity discounts. Contact us

Why do you offer us a humanitarian aid category in your shopping cart? Direct White Professional Teeth Whitening believes that companies have an obligation to better the world around them. While our customers enjoy the luxury of whitening their teeth, many people on our planet live in undesirable circumstances. Your order amount will not increase by making a selection, rather you are assisting us in choosing the category of humanitarian aid to donate to. Direct White makes a humanitarian donation for each order placed.

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