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Procedure -- Before & After / Testimonials

What a few of our customers have to say about our lab direct services.

Who better to attest to the value of service and process than those who use it everyday? Below is only a sampling of the dozens of great comments we receive every month. Most importantly, we know the comments below are an accurate representation of over-all customer attitudes.
A survey of over 500 Direct customers showed 94.4% were satisfied to extremely satisfied with our system. In addition, 95.5% were satisfied to extremely satisfied with our client support (which by the way is the life of our companies success).

"Thanks to Direct, My Teeth Have Whitening 6 to 8 shades whiter. The Direct Lab Direct Service is the most amazing system I have seen since the invention of dental floss. You have delivered everything you promised just as you said you would, It was very easy to use, in a time and money-saving package.

Thank you for your contribution to the world. I have no doubt that your company will reach the highest levels of success."

Philip A.

"Our 15-year-old daughter Stephanie asked for teeth whitening for her birthday. With white teeth her entire personality changed. No longer a wall-flower, she became happy, bubbly and full of smiles. We had no idea that teeth whitening could affect self-esteem so dramatically! We wanted to thank Direct White for providing a system that made teeth whitening affordable for our daughter and for changing her life."
Becky H.

I wanted you know that I used to work for a dentist office as an assistant. I would have known if your process was not exactly the identical whitening service and process used by our cosmetic dentist and I would have returned it. But it is. I am telling all friends about the Professional Teeth Whitening.
Ronda F.
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Making Impressions

Applying Bleach

Before & After / Testimonials

... As my shades of whitening increased in the major way. My level of confidence rose significantly. It was really nice to be guy and receive compliments on my teeth especially because the color of my teeth had always been something I was very self conscious about my whole life. I just wished I had had my teeth professionally whitened at a much younger age but did not because at the time is was just not affordable."
Tony W.

"Thank you for your quick and most helpful response. This is the second time I have purchased a whitening kit from Direct White and will continue to buy from you in the future for I am impressed with your customer service! "
Kim, via her Blackberry

"Direct Professional Teeth Whitening is probably the best deal I've found on the net ever! You can have anyone call me (501) 325-7169" I am a very happy customer!

"Thank you so much for my impression trays which arrived a few days ago.They fit perfectly and give a very good result with minimal bleaching gel required. Kind regards,"

"I just have to tell you, the Direct Service works! I purchased your system just a few short days ago, and have gone to 3 shades whiter. If there is one thing I would advise any of your clients, whether it's for a personal improvement or professional enhancement , it would be to choose the Direct process. It works dramatically. Thank you for your fine service."

"I just received the Direct System. I followed the instructions just fine without any problems. It's a great well done package. I just performed my first bleaching within two hours after I revived my trays and I can already tell it's going to work. Thank You Very Much!"