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The teeth whitening industry is filled with countless products and methods to whiten your teeth. Although there are whitening strips, paint-on products and cheap boil-n-bite mouth guards, nothing is proven more reliable, safe and effective than custom teeth whitening trays.

Making Impressions

Applying Bleach

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Direct White provides all the materials you need to create your own teeth whitening trays.

We deliver quality and affordable products that have served over 13,000 satisfied customers.

We will priority mail you the necessary materials and instructions to correctly make an impression of your teeth and gums . New technology makes taking your impressions, simple and easy. You will send the impressions of your teeth back to us at our dental lab where we will produce and return ship your custom-fitted tray. With your custom made dental trays and our #1 rated bleaching gels, you will start noticing a whiter smile within days.

It's that simple. You really can have a professional smile without going to the dentist.


Instructions for Using Teeth Whitening Light

LED whitening light is used to accelerate the whitening process. Advanced light combined with the specially formulated gel rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stain. You can use Whitening Light always when you are whitening your teeth.


Before using first time.

  1. Remove the batteryshield so that you can turn on the light in powerbutton.
  2. Gently clean/wash Whitening Lights mouthpiece. Do not submerge the Whitening Light completely under water.


  1. Place the Light Transmitter against the dental tray and wrap your lips around the outer rim to hold it in place. As it is seen in picture.
  2. Turn on the light.
  3. Keep Whitening Light in your mouth whole whitening session.
  4. After whitening clean/wash the mouthpiece and store Whitening Light in a safe place.