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      Complete Professional Whitening Systems

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For the past 16 years has offered custom-fitted bleaching trays made in our dental lab from impressions that you easily make at home. These are the SAME trays that dentists charge over $500 for! THE TRUTH of the matter is, new advances in teeth whitening are making our custom bleaching trays obsolete. Teeth Whitening brush pens have the following advantages:

  • No need to make own impressions
  • Whiten all your teeth, not just those in front
  • No uncomfortable trays to wear
  • No trays to wash between use
  • No trays that wear out
  • Allow touch-ups of specific areas
  • Can avoid damaged teeth
  • Pens take very little room
  • Superior bleaching results
  • DID YOU KNOW? Direct White donates a portion of their profits to International HUMANITARIAN Aid. You will have a chance to specify your preferred Humanitarian Aid category when you place your order. These categories are: Disaster Relief, Clean Water, Infant Resuscitation, Food Production, Vision Treatment, and Wheelchairs..

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    Complete Custom Tray Whitening System
    S/H: $16.95

  • Lab produced exact-fit bleaching trays (details above)
  • Lab tray tracking-know when your impressions arrive
  • Each gel has locked dispensing tip--avoids overuse
  • Large 3 ml gel size
  • Select gel quantity in box at right

    Custom Lab Tray only, no gel          PRICE: $   69.99
    Custom Tray and 6 Gels 35%          PRICE: $ 109.99
    Custom Tray and 6 Gels 44%          PRICE: $ 119.99

  • 44% Teeth Whitening Pen - Guaranteed FRESH!
    S/H: $.99

  • Simply click, brush on and smile!
  • Whitens as well as custom bleaching trays
  • Excellent for touch ups
  • Best value for professional results
  • 44% strength - SALE PRICING TODAY
  • S/H less than $1 for all quantities
  • Click Here for More Brush Pen Info

    Buy 1 get 1 free (Total 2) SALE PRICE: $18.00
    Buy 2 get 2 free (Total 4) SALE PRICE: $34.00
    Buy 3 get 3 free (Total 6) SALE PRICE: $49.50
    Buy 4 get 4 free (Total 8) SALE PRICE: $64.00

  • 35% Whitening Gel - Guaranteed FRESH!
    S/H: $7.95

  • Do not bleach longer than 30 min per day
  • Quality carbamide peroxide gel GLYCERIN FREE
  • Lock-on tip avoids overusage: 1 tip per each gel
  • Large 3 ml size
  • Select gel quantity in box at right
  • Guaranteed FRESH SALE TODAY SAVE up to 46%!

      3 Gel 35% PRICE: 40.95  SALE:$21.95  bleach days 27
      6 Gel 35% PRICE: 69.95  SALE:$40.95  bleach days 54
    12 Gel 35% PRICE:95.95 SALE:$75.95  bleach days 108

  • 44% Whitening Gel - Guaranteed FRESH!
    S/H: $7.95

  • Do not bleach longer than 10 min per day
  • For those on the Go--fastest bleach time
  • Lock-on tip avoids overusage: 1 tip per each gel
  • Large 3 ml size
  • Select gel quantity in box at right
  • Guaranteed FRESH SALE TODAY SAVE up to 42%!

      3 Gel 44% PRICE: 44.95  SALE:$25.95  bleach days 27
      6 Gel 44% PRICE: 79.95  SALE:$49.95  bleach days 54
    12 Gel 44% PRICE:109.95 SALE:$89.95  bleach days 108

  • Standard Informed Consent

    Professional teeth whitening techniques are designed to lighten dark; stained teeth. Clients apply an oxygenating or peroxide type material at home using one of the several techniques. While these materials have been used for this process since 1989 appear safe, infrequent side effects can occur. Tooth sensitivity or tingling is the most common side effect. Soft tissue irritation can also occur. If a client experiences these or other adverse symptoms, he/she should stop using the bleaching material, and consult their treating dentist. If the patient has any known chemical sensitivity or allergic reactions to ingredients such as flavorings, color additives, etc. please be sure to inform your dental professional.

    Clients should understand that the amount of whitening and its duration might vary. While most teeth lighten to the extent desired, some do not. In some instances lightening is minimal or unapparent. In all instances, additional whitening over time may be required to maintain the lightening originally obtained.

    By accepting our service, you agree that you:

    • Will use the trays for the sole purpose of whitening your teeth.
    • Will not use the product if you are pregnant or nursing until you have consulted with your dentist or doctor.
    • Will take the impression yourself.
    • Don't have loose or decayed teeth.
    • Don't have loose crowns or periodontal problems (gum disease).
    • Will consult with your dentist prior to use and if you experience any whitening problems.
    • Acknowledge that employees/staff of Direct white and Precision Care Dental Labs are not dentists.
    • Are not allergic to carbamide peroxide, glycerin, carbome, flavor, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, hydroxide, and silicone.
    • Client (s) agrees that all warranties and returns are the sole determination of the company and that total liability is limited to the amount paid for the service.
    I have read and understand the above description of possible consequences of using professional bleaching techniques. Being fully informed, I consent to and agree to use these techniques.